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Bearded Dragon not Pooping posted by on August 22, 2012

I was so worried when my bearded dragon didn’t poop for over 3 weeks. I made sure to give him frequent baths and i started feeding him more high fiber foods including lettuce. He finally went after the third week.  There are many reasons why your bearded dragon may not be pooping.

Here are a few thing you can try.

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11 Responses to “Bearded Dragon not Pooping”

  • kayla says:

    my beared dragon wont eat crickets or poop and barely moves what should i do

    • admin says:

      Make sure it’s warm enough in his cage. Also you could try feeding him other stuff. Maybe some Romaine Lettuce. Some people say it isn’t good to feed them lettuce but it will help them poop. Basking temperature is important though.

  • John says:

    My female beardie hasn’t pooh in 4 weeks I have bathed her every 3rd day,rubbed her belly, no sign of lumps eats very little just bought water fountain for viv now she is drinking water belly off ground when walkin and wide eyed I’m stuck and runnin out of options before takin her to dreaded vets!!! She is also over 1 year old any suggestions much appreciated

    • Simona Sheder says:

      remember to check the temperature of your tank! Heat is how they digest there food and make sure the water you use to bathe them is warm.

  • elychia cady says:

    Hi, I have a baby bearded dragon I got him/her 3 days ago now he/she was eating fine the first two days but now he/she wont eat any more crickets i give, or go to the water dish. I tried a warm soaking in some water and rubbed his/her belly, and still will not poop. I don’t know if he ate to much but I’m worried an want to know what else i can do besides make sure the heat is nice and warm.

  • Olivia says:

    I have a baby dragon only about 3 or 4 months old… he/she hasn’t pooped in about a week, should I start to worry? The temperatures are at 95 with a basking point at about 105, and a cool spot at 85 at night. I gave her a warm bath and nothing happened… she wont eat the greens I gave her: only meal worms. I need help!!!

  • fail the beardie says:

    My beardie fail is not pooping or eating much I’m not sure of her age but she is pretty small she was doing great then all of a sudden stopped eating and poopin when I give her a warm bath shell poop but its tiny poo. She does have sand but its crushed walnuts spefically for beardies temp is usually around ninty degrees and I’ll give her collard greens and squash eggplant and she gets fresh water

  • dave says:

    My beardie is 18 month old..had him from v young..I noticed when he was younger he would poop quite frequently..every couple of days he’s aged his poop habits have changed.he now doesn’t soil his cage but would rather wait till bath time or I allowed him to have a small run around my house..not the most pleasant of things but I believe they Don’t really like to soil there enclosure until they really have which case it could potentially cause small amounts of stress.the trick with the bath is the temperature has to be slightly higher than elbow temperature…and let nature do the don’t use sand as a substrate..

  • Sheila Montemayor says:

    I have no Idea how old my beardie is. We found him at the beach approx 2 years ago. His body is about 7 or 8 inches long, his tail is approx 10 inches. He has always been a hearty eater. We give him spring mix, romaine lettuce, super-worms and crickets. He will not eat carrots or other fruits. Normally he would poop about once a week. Recently he has stopped eating and pooping (4 weeks). His cage (55 gallon aquarium, with a screen top) has turf, no sand, a water dish deep and big enough to bath in (but he doesn’t). I’m thinking that the temp is way too cool. I turn the heat lamp on, but I don’t leave it on. The temp in his cage right now is 80 degrees. He just lays and sleeps. I have read your other post and all say that temp should be above 95. Should it be above 95 always? I did give him a warm soak today after reading your post, and massaged his belly. Nothing yet!!! There is plenty of room for him to get away from the heat. He enjoys going out side and sitting in the sun on his leash, when I get a chance to do that. Right now I’m busy with school. I just want him pack to normal. He is sooooooooooo cool, with a big personality. Please help!!! I turned on his light today, and I’m not turning it off for a few days. I will monitor the temp in his cage several times daily. We will see what happens.

  • pat says:

    How can I help my beardie poop? I just realized his bulb was a 50 watt and now just put 150 watt in his kennel.

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