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Bearded Dragon Won’t Eat posted by on August 22, 2012

SAMSUNGThere are many different factors as to why your bearded dragon wont eat.  you may want to look at your bearded dragons habitat.  If your bearded dragons habitat is to cold or if he/she isn’t getting light they may not eat.  You can also try giving your bearded dragon different types of food.  Try not to overwhelm your bearded dragon with too many crickets or to many moving critters.  Your bearded dragon might just be really shy and not eat in front of you.  Just make sure your bearded dragon is getting enough heat they need heat to help digest their food.

  • Temperature
  • Different foods
  • Make sure hes getting both meat and veggies
  • Fruits can be a delicious treat
  • Impaction
  • light
  • More colorful food

One Response to “Bearded Dragon Won’t Eat”

  • Stewart says:

    Our beardie (Spyro) has been acting strange recently. He sleeps a lot more, his sleeping spot is in a little cave type thing we’ve made him with no direct uv or heat. If he sleeps in I pick him up and put him under his lamp but he’ll just go back to his sleeping spot after half an hour or so. The tank is also heated sufficiently. He wont eat any veg but will occasionally eat some if its hand fed. He loves bugs and could probably eat a whole tub of mealworms if we were to let him. We vary his bugs and don’t let him have too many worms. He also wont poop unless hes being bathed. He only likes to poop on hard surfaces when he does (window sill, tiled floor) which is better for us so im not complaining.

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